Mormon Transhumanist Association will Help AIDS Orphans in Uganda

The Mormon Transhumanist Association (MTA) is dedicating itself to a humanitarian cause - alleviating poverty in Uganda. 67% of Ugandans live below the poverty line, and 24.7% are trapped in extreme poverty. Additionally, there are 2.5 million orphans in Uganda; UNICEF estimates that 45% are parentless due to AIDS. The new MTA staff members in this activity are Hank Pellissier (Manager of Humanitarian Projects) and Roger Hansen (Assistant Manager of Humanitarian Projects).

What instigated this new MTA project, and who are these new administrators?

On September 3, Lincoln Cannon (MTA President) invited Hank Pellissier to accept the new staff position and Pellissier gleefully accepted. Although he’s an atheist, Pellissier has been a member of MTA for 2.5 years - he’s very fond of MTA because it's been extraordinarily generous in his charity drives. When Pellissier was Managing Director of the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technology (IEET) in 2012, he launched a cell phone drive for IEET’s African Futures Project - and MTA members contributed 40% of the total collected mobiles (thanks to Roger Hansen’s efforts). When Pellissier launched his Mangyan Assistance Project for the Brighter Brains Institute (sponsoring three indigenous children on the island of Mindoro), MTA President Lincoln Cannon contributed. Lincoln also donated to Pellissier’s DIY-Soylent shipment to the malnourished Mangyans. Pellissier also admires MTA’s KIVA (micro-lending) group that’s existed since January 2013, with 19 members contributing 93 loans. Pellissier praised MTA’s KIVA activity in his essay, ""Transhumanist Philanthropy?! Yes! MTA Sets up KIVA Account."

Pellissier’s transhumanist activity includes starting, starting, and writing an e-book called "Invent Utopia Now: transhumanist suggestions for the pre-Singularity era." He has worked as a professional journalist for many years, writing columns and feature articles for NYTimes,,,, and other publications.

Roger Hansen is an MTA member who has done extensive volunteer work in Uganda, setting up solar energy systems, clean water systems, and children’s playgrounds. He is soon retiring from his position as Planning Group Chief for the Bureau of Reclamation in Provo, Utah. Roger maintains a blog called Tired Road Warrior that often relates his thoughts and experiences regarding Uganda. On this blog, he expresses his concerns: "about the social inequities on the planet Earth ... I live part-time in Uganda and in Navajoland, and would like to see the human and ecological environment in both areas of world greatly improved ... [I am] less excited about life extension (a transhumanist obsession) than I am about the possibilities of using technology to improve conditions in developing countries. [I have] A belief that technology is one potential savior for the developing world, particularly in areas like Africa, South America, and Southeast Asia."

Transhumanists usually regard Radical Life Extension and Brain Enhancement as their 2 primary ambitions. "Eradication of Poverty" is seldom mentioned as a transhumanist goal, even though it's widely recognized that new technologies can alleviate most of the horrid conditions experienced by "the poorest of the poor."

The Mormon Transhumanist Association leads the way in recognizing the transhumanist responsibility to abolish the suffering of poverty; indeed, it defines itself as an organization that promotes "radical flourishing in compassion and creation through technology and religion."

Hank and Roger have many exciting ideas regarding MTA-funded projects in Uganda. The primary goal is to establish a school that teaches job-training in technological skills, like computers and wood-working. We’ll keep you informed!

Dorothy Deasy Interviewed by The Columbian

Dorothy Deasy, a director of the Mormon Transhumanist Association, was interviewed by The Columbian on the topic of religion and Transhumanism.

In the interview, she discusses the importance of bridging religious ideals with how we will relate to rapidly changing technology, doing our best to guide technology in directions that are beneficial for society, and avoiding abuses that may arise from some conceptualizations of advancing civilization.

Read "Conversations abound about what it means to be human" at The Columbian.

Lincoln Cannon To Present at Venturists' Cryonics Convention

Lincoln Cannon, president of the Mormon Transhumanist Association, will present at the Venturists' Cryonics Convention, held 7-9 November 2014 in Laughlin, Nevada.

Is Death (and taxes) No Longer Inevitable?

Larry Page, the CEO of Google, has invested billions of dollars of his company’s capital into a new company called Calico, which has the goal of finding cures for aging and death.

Aubrey de Grey, Ph.D., the world’s foremost scientific gerontologist, says that the first person to live 1,000 years has probably already been born.

And inventor Ray Kurzweil, the modern Thomas Edison, says that “We have the means right now to live long enough to live forever.”

Are we therefore on the threshold of being able to live indefinitely, as Robert Ettinger predicted 50 years ago in his visionary book, The Prospect of Immortality, which started the cryonics movement? To find out, you are invited to a cryonics, life extension and transhumanism convention at Don Laughlin’s Riverside Resort Hotel & Casino will be held this November 7, 8 and 9, 2014, in the Riverside’s scenic Starview Room overlooking the Colorado River.

All attendees will have plenty of time to meet the speakers, leaders and activists in the life extension community at this convention one on one during the leisurely breaks and buffet meal times.

The speakers will give you the very latest updates on cryonics research, ways to improve your chances for rejuvenation and survival, and new ideas in transhumanism. Plus you can circulate during the ample breaks to network with the speakers and attendees and exchange ideas.

Also all attendees can reserve free table space in the Starview Room’s exhibition area to display their free literature; sell books, DVDs, dietary supplements and other life extension related products; and talk to people one on one about your company or organization.

Below is a partial list of confirmed speakers (subject to revision) who will give the following presentations:

David A. Ettinger (Son of Robert Ettinger, the founder of the cryonics movement): “Robert Ettinger: A Life in Cryonics.” Learn what it was like to grow up in the home where the father was the founder of cryonics and one of the early, visionary transhumanists.

Jordan Sparks, DMD (Founder of Oregon Cryonics, a new cryonics company): “A Regional Approach to Cryonics.”

Ben Best (Former CEO of the Cryonics Institute): ”Vital Signs Alarm Systems for Cryonicists.” Sudden, unattended death is one of the worst things that can happen to a cryonicist to compromise getting a good cryosuspension. Learn how to take advantage of the increasingly affordable technologies which monitor your vital signs and send out alarms when you are in danger of imminent cardiac arrest.

Catherine Baldwin (Chief Operating Officer of Suspended Animation): “Future Care of Cryonics Patients.” The presentation will review current “field stabilization” care and speculate on future directions of this kind of care for cryonics patients.

Joe Kowalsky (Director of the Cryonics Institute): “Make It So!” about improving cryonics communications with the public.

Chana Phaedra (President of Advanced Neural Biosciences, Inc.): “New Research at Advanced Neural Biosciences, Inc.” Topics include long-term cold ischemia, the effect of stabilization medications on cryopreservation, and whole brain cryopreservation.

Lincoln Cannon (Cofounder and President of the Mormon Transhumanist Association): “Mormon Transhumanism.” Learn how the doctrine of one of America’s fastest-growing churches is compatible with the goals of transhumanism.

Rudi Hoffman (Specialist in cryonics funding through life insurance): “Cryonics Funding in an Inflationary Universe . . .  the Affordable Immortal Returns!” Learn how affordable a cryonic suspension can be by using life insurance as the funding mechanism.

Cairn Idun (Organizer of the Cryonicist Teens & Twenties conferences): “OPTIMIZATION: What YOU Can Do to OPTIMIZE YOUR Chances of an OPTIMAL Cryo-Preservation: T3 – Time, Temperature and Technique.”

David Pizer (Former Vice President of the Alcor Life Extension Foundation and Founder and President of the Society for Venturism): “Ways to Protect Your Cryosuspension.”

Neal VanDeRee (Officiator at the Church of Perpetual Life): “A Church for Transhumanists: The Church of Perpetual Life.”

Mark Plus (Secretary of the Society for Venturism): “Death Avengers Assemble! Robert Ettinger on the Science of Superhumans.” Learn how Robert Ettinger anticipated many aspects of today’s transhumanist movement, but in the 1960’s and early 1970’s.

In addition, we are gathering further information on presentations to be given by:

Aaron Drake, Medical Response Director of the Alcor Life Extension Foundation.

David Kekich, President and CEO of the Maximum Life Foundation.

Forrest Munden, paramedic. He will discuss what a cryonicist and his family should do in an emergency.

R. Michael Perry, Ph.D., Care Services Manager and Treasurer of the Alcor Life Extension Foundation.

Natasha Vita-More, Ph.D., noted transhumanist and adjunct professor of the University of Advancing Technology in Tempe, Arizona.

Peter Voss, Founder and CEO of Adaptive A.I., Inc.

The speakers will also include two prominent scientists who work in cryonics research who will make presentations about their findings which will show that cryonics makes scientific sense and is worth pursuing.

You can register for the VERY affordable convention and the discounted buffet meals that will be available and remit the fees through PayPal to help cover the convention’s expenses, by going to this page on the Venturists’ website:

Or else you can send in your remittance by mailing it to the Society for Venturism, 11255 S. Highway 69, Mayer, AZ 86333.

For lodging at the Riverside Resort, you will have to make your own room reservations separately by calling the Riverside at the toll-free number within the United States: 800-227-3849; or the Nevada number: 702-298-2535. Use the Hotel Reservations Group Code: “Cryonic.” The special low rates are: $29 for Thursday, Nov. 6; $49 for Friday, Nov. 7; $49 for Saturday, Nov. 8; and $29 for Sunday, Nov. 9.

If you would like to speak to someone with the Venturists to discuss the convention, feel free to email Mark Plus, Secretary of the Society for Venturism, at; or call him at (928) 273-8451

We look forward to seeing you at Mr. Laughlin’s resort this November!

P.S. You can read Joe Kowalsky’s report on last year’s Venturist Cryonics Convention by scrolling down the home page of *