PBS Releases Documentary on Mormons

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is one of America's fastest growing religions, and its influence circles the globe. Yet the birth of Mormonism and its history is one of America's great neglected narratives. This four-hour documentary brings together FRONTLINE and AMERICAN EXPERIENCE in their first co-production to provide a searching portrait of this fascinating but often misunderstood religion.


Sunstone Magazine Features Mormon Transhumanist Association as Cover Article

The current edition of Sunstone Magazine features an article by the Mormon Transhumanist Association on its cover. The article is entitled "Transfiguration: Parallels and Complements between Mormonism and Transhumanism". It is an adaptation, for a Mormon audience, of another document originally written by several members of the association. The article discusses similarities between Mormon and Transhumanist views of the future, relating the Fullness of Times to the Fourth Epoch, the Millennium to the Technological Singularity, and Joseph Smith's teachings on worlds without end to Oxford philosopher Nick Bostrom's Simulation Argument.

Tomorrow evening, the Mormon Transhumanist Association is hosting a seminar at which the article will be presented.

Mormon Transhumanist Association Seminar in Salt Lake City

The Mormon Transhumanist Association will be hosting a seminar on 28 April 2007, to present the content of the recent Sunstone Magazine cover article, "Transfiguration: Parallels and Complements between Mormonism and Transhumanism".

Carl Youngblood, Director of the Mormon Transhumanist Association, will present the article.

Dan Wotherspoon, Executive Director of Sunstone Education Foundation, will respond.

Lincoln Cannon, President of the Mormon Transhumanist Association, will comment.

The event will be held in the conference hall of the Arnell-West building located at 3441 S 2200 W, Salt Lake City, Utah, just southeast of the E-Center.

The presentation will begin at 7:00 PM Mountain Time. Following the presentation there will be an informal Q&A and group discussion.

Light refreshments will be served.

A video recording will be available for download from transfigurism.org following the event. The article may be downloaded here:


Mormon Transhumanist Association to Present at Sunstone Symposium West

Lincoln Cannon will represent the Mormon Transhumanist Association at the Sunstone Symposium West in San Francisco on 21 April at 2PM in the Clarion Hotel, San Francisco Airport.

Lincoln will present the paper "Transfiguration: Parallels and Complements between Mormonism and Transhumanism", which is the cover article for the April 2007 issue of Sunstone magazine. Dan Wotherspoon, Executive Director of Sunstone Education Foundation, will respond.

The full program for Sunstone Symposium West is available here:


Registration is available here:


Mormon Transhumanist Association to Present in Second Life

Sunday, April 29, 2007 - 10am PST/1pm EST/6pm UK

Uvvy Island, Second Life

James Hughes will present his paper "The Compatibility of Religious and Transhumanist Views of Metaphysics, Suffering, Virtue and Transcendence in an Enhanced Future" (PDF).

Extropia DaSilva, a "transhumanist avatar" who writes some of the best mind expanding stuff about first and second life, the universe and everything, will give a talk in text.

William Sims Bainbridge will speak on the future of religion.

Giulio Prisco will summarize his article/book precis "Engineering Transcendence".

Lincoln Cannon will speak on behalf of the Mormon Transhumanist Association.

This will be one of the last Uvvy Island events using text chat as the main conversation mode. One or two of the speakers will use relatime video and voice. Participants will ask questions by text chat, and speakers will answer by text, voice or video.

Transvision 2007 Discounted Early Registration

Dear Fellow Transhumanist:

This year, the World Transhumanist Association celebrates the 9th anniversary of what has become one of the most important gatherings of science, technology and policy leaders in the world: the TransVision 2007 global conference, to be held July 23-26 at the Fairmont Hotel in Chicago, IL.


I hope you can join us. The scope of the program and the quality of speakers is unprecedented.
Do you believe that emerging technology will give society the ability to solve the greatest challenges facing humanity?

What's the biggest priority: longevity therapies, sustainable energy, clean water, a restored environment, or space development?

This is just a small sampling of the issues we'll discuss as we search for answers to these challenges.

You'll have your choice of more than 30 speakers including:

Aubrey de Grey, Ph.D. acclaimed longevity scientist Raymond Kurzweil, inventor, author, futurist William Shatner, Emmy award winning actor, environmentalist Nick Bostrom, WTA chair and founder

You'll be able to network with hundreds of others who believe in the possibility of a much brighter future or more. You'll enjoy four days of intensive learning with some of the most influential academics, business executives, decision-makers, and celebrities from the U.S. and around the globe. You'll enjoy world-class entertainment, and can even choose to experience zero-gravity on the Zero-G plane* as an additional activity.

If you have never attended, you'll find that TransVison is unlike anything you've experienced. Many participants will come to Chicago from across the globe just to attend. You'll want to make sure you come this year! It is only the second time in the history of the event to be held in the United States.

I urge you to take a look at the program and list of confirmed speakers on our web site - http://www.transvision2007.com/.

I also urge you to register soon, as we will fill up and will cut off registration once we reach capacity. If you register by Sunday, April 15th, you will receive a $200 discount off of the regular registration fee. So don't wait.

Register today at: http://www.transvision2007.com/

I hope you can make it.


Charlie Kam


Conference Chair

* Zero-G tickets sold separately and are not included in conference registration fee.


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