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The Mormon Transhumanist Association is now tweeting news and blog headlines. This is the latest of many communications channels that the association has established to collaborate among members and communicate with others. You can find the Mormon Transhumanist Association on Facebook, Google, Vimeo, Scribd, Picasa, Second Life, Meetup, and Rosetta@Home. You can also keep up with the latest information from and about the association, as well as information on the intersection of religion, science, spirituality and technology, by subscribing to our feeds. We invite you to help us identify other ways of advocating the purpose of the association. As always, you may contact association leadership at

h+ Magazine Summer Edition

The summer edition of h+ Magazine is now live!

Cover Stories:

  • Designer Baby Controversy
  • From X Prize to Singularity U
  • Biohacking Arrives
  • Legalize Sports Doping?
  • Was That a Bot of a Human?
  • Chris Conte's Microbotic Art

  • Here Come the Neurobots
  • Real Discrimination Against Virtual People
  • The Man Behind Biosphere 2
  • Everything of the Dead: The Future of Humanity is Zombie
  • Life On Mars with Pete Worden


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