Ecology and Reverence from an LDS Perspective

1 November 2009, 6pm at the Sunstone House (343 N 300 W, SLC UT)
Steve Pack, BYU biology professor, on the relationship between Mormonism and environmental stewardship.

Dec 5-6, 2009: Humanity+ Summit

Speakers (information) include:

- Aubrey de Grey on life extension
- Ben Goertzel and Peter Voss on artificial intelligence
- Ramez Naam on advanced search
- RU Sirius on h+ Magazine
- Patri Friedman on seasteading
- Todd Huffman, Randal Koene, and Ken Hayworth on Whole Brain Emulation
- Edward Miller and Joseph P Jackson on the open science movement and post-scarcity
- Alex Lightman and Parijata Mackey on open source medicine
- James Hughes and Sonia Arrison on building transhumanism and life extension as a political movement
- Tyson Anderson and Andrew Hessel on DIYbiology
- Bryan Bishop and Ben Lipkowitz on frabratories

Venue: Eon Reality, Irvine, California

First 50 tickets are $150, but they get more expensive after that so register early:

Dec 4, 2009: IEET Seminar on Biopolitics of Popular Culture

During this day long seminar we will engage with culture critics, artists, writers, and filmmakers to explore the biopolitics that are implicit in depictions of the future, emerging technology and enhanced humanity in literature, film and television.

Speakers (in formation) include SF critic Annalee Newitz (, futurist and SF writer Jamais Cascio, director Matthew Patrick, TV writer PJ Manney, comics expert Jess Nevins, and transhumanist artist Natasha Vita-More.

Registration before November 15: $99 (After Nov 15: $150)

Venue: Eon Reality, Irvine, California

For more information:

BYU professor emeritus William Bradshaw on Mormonism and Science

"Each in Its Own Sphere in Which God Has Placed It: Are Science and Religious Faith Compatible for Latter-day Saints?" Lecture and discussion with BYU professor emeritus William Bradshaw. 6pm on 10 October at Sunstone office, 343 N. Third West, Salt Lake City.

2009 LDSTech Awards

The winners of the 2009 LDSTech Awards that were awarded during the LDSTech Talk were:

Helping Hand Award: Alan Brown
Alan Brown has been a long-time member of our online LDSTech community and has spent countless hours moderating the LDSTech forums, answering questions other users have asked, and offering advice.  He has been instrumental in organizing, administrating, and contributing to the LDSTech Clerks Wiki.  His deep knowledge of many of the subjects on both the forums and wiki has blessed countless individuals in search of technical help. We are grateful to have Alan as an administrator, moderator, and member within the LDSTech community.

Coding Guru Award: Bill Wilcox 
The Local Unit Web Site Project is a community project to replace the existing Local Unit Web Site. Bill Wilcox has contributed many hours of work to the project on a volunteer basis. He has been an integral and innovative part of the team, and without him, could not have progressed as far as it has. Many will be happy to hear that the ward calendar will have the ability to sync automatically with Microsoft Outlook and Apple iCal thanks to Bill's contributions.

Top Tester Award: Pete Arnett
Pete has been a great asset to the testing efforts of the Local Unit Calendaring (a sub-project of the Local Unit Web Site Project). He is consistent in his work and stays on top of the defects that he logs as well as user stories that need to be closed.  Pete's hard work will be a valuable aid in releasing a high quality application that our wards and stakes can use reliably. His great attitude and willingness to help exemplifies the community collaboration mentality.  

Lifetime Achievement Award: Lynn Rosenvall and David Rosenvall
Before many of the resources we need became available on the Internet, Lynn Rosenvall and his son David wanted to make the scriptures available electronically. When David returned from his mission in 1987, they began to work on the task for their own use. They continued to work on the project throughout the years, eventually making the scriptures available on the Internet in 2000. They donated the entire project to the Church and we now know this project as the Online Scriptures available at David continues to work on the project as a volunteer. The online scriptures are now available in 14 languages to date, and the Online Scriptures Resource Committee is continually working on more. We would like to thank Lynn and David for their work and generosity in helping to make the scriptures available online for us all to benefit from.

h+ Magazine on a Newsstand Near You

Hi Fellow Transhumanists,

I just wanted to let you know that the Fall issue of h+ Magazine is appearing on newsstands now.  Its official release date is the 28th, but I was just at a Barnes & Noble in Palisades, NY and Paramus, NJ and they had it out already!  All 720 Barnes & Noble stores, as well as many Borders, Books-A-Million and about 550 college bookstores will carry it.

It's crucial that the few copies which each store is carrying sells out so that they agree to carry this permanently.  Please buy one if you can, and Tweet your friends to buy them in obscure locations too!

Thanks so much for helping us spread the word and carrying the h+ meme into homes and dorms around the country!  If we do well in the U.S., we should be able to get a foreign distributor to carry us in Europe too.

Best regards,


James Clement
Publisher, h+ Magazine


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