Turing Church Online Workshop 2

The Turing Church Online Workshop 2 will be scheduled in November or December 2011, date TBD, with a format similar to the Turing Church Online Workshop 1 on November 20, 2010.

As last year, the Workshop will explore transhumanist spirituality and “Religion 2.0″ as a summit of persons, groups and organizations active in this area. 

We hope to see all the panelists and participants in last year's workshop, and also many more new faces. Fully interactive participation will be free, invitation-only. If you wish to participate, please request to join our mailing list and/or our Facebook group.

Call for papers: Please submit proposals for talks relevant to transhumanist spirituality and “Religion 2.0″, the converge of science and religion, highly imaginative future science and technologies for resurrection, emerging technologies for immortality such as brain preservation and mindfiles, social and memetic engineering to inspire hope, happiness, sense of wonder and sense of meaning.

As last year, the technical implementation of the Workshop will be managed by teleXLR8 using the OpenQwaq VR technology. teleXLR8, a telepresence community for cultural acceleration, produces online events, featuring first class content and speakers, using the open source OpenQwaq, the best technology for e-learning and collaboration in an online 3D environment. We are also investigating parallel webcast options with limited interactivity and the possibility to show webcasts in Second Life.

Appropriate training in the telepresence technology used for the Workshop will be provided to all speakers, and also to the attendees who will request it. Take a look at the full video coverage of the 2010 Workshop to see the telepresence technology in action.

Singularity Institute Salt Lake Summit

Salt Lake City is a new addition to the Singularity Institute's Summit locations. In March of 2011, with the support and encouragement of Rob and Oksana Brazell, the Singularity Institute held a small event at the Salt Lake Country Club for members of the Young Presidents' Organization and World Presidents' Organization, focusing on advanced and highly beneficial medical technologies that seem rarely used or little known. The high quality of the audience and their enthusiastic reaction encouraged organizers so much that the Singularity Summit SLC was born.

The Summit will begin with Michael Vassar discussing the strange time-lag between technological invention and mainstream adoption. Deepa Kulkarni will share her story of the doctors who told her that her lost fingertip couldn't be regained, and how she researched a known but little-used procedure for tissue regeneration. Jaan Tallinn, a founding engineer of Skype, will Skype in to speak on the lessons of his career. Dr. Zheng Cui will present his discovery of a white blood cell transfusion with a 100% success rate for cancer treatment in mice; and his collaborator Dr. Dipnarine Maharaj will talk about the clinical trial of this and other transfusion therapy at his Bone Marrow and Stem Cell Treatment Facility. After lunch, Ray Kurzweil will join us via telepresence to share his vision of the future of artificial intelligence and of mankind's fusion with machines. Paypal Co-Founder and Founder's Fund Partner Luke Nosek will discuss genomics investing and Halcyon Molecular's vision of DNA sequencing. Khan Academy President Shantanu Sinha will explain how his nonprofit is using technology to revolutionize the education system. And finally Aubrey de Grey, the Chief Science Officer at the SENS Foundation, will conclude with his view of how technology can and should cure aging.

Date: June 4th, 2011 10:00am - 5:00pm
Location: The Grand America Hotel
Contact: amywilley@gmail.com
Phone: 586.381.1801
Singularity Institute
Registration $100

Visit the Singularity Institute Salt Lake Summit web site for more information and to register.


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