Mormon Transhumanist Association Conference 6 April 2012

The Mormon Transhumanist Association will hold its next conference in Salt Lake City on 6 April 2012. In past years, the association has sponsored the Mormonism Engineering Conference 2009 and the Transhumanism Spirituality Conference 2010. The Mormon Transhumanist Association Conference 2012 will be the first conference focused explicitly on both Mormonism and Transhumanism. Speakers will include Lincoln Cannon, President, and Chris Bradford, Vice President. Other members of the association and invited speakers will also present. Membership in the association is not required to attend. Additional details will be provided later. Mark you calendar, and plan to join us as we engineer meaning together.

Meet the Mormon Transhumanist Association Bloggers

The Mormon Transhumanist Association has added several member blogs to those aggregated on our web site home page and blog page, as well as to our feeds and social network broadcasts.

Here are the newest additions:

Doe Daughtrey's "New Age Mormon Pagans: Mormonism and the New Spirituality"

James Carroll's "Amateur Scriptorians" and self-named blog

Micah Redding's "Eminent Human" and "American Bedouin: King of the Anarchists"

Noah Heninger's "Finding Mormonism"

Here are the oldies but goodies:

Allen Leigh's "Convergence of Science and Religion"

Brad Carmack's "Thoughtproduct in the life of . . ."

Bryant Smith's "Words from the B Side"

Carl Youngblood's "Real Presences"

Chris Bradford's "Let Us Reason"

Daniel Durrant's self-named blog

Dave Sonntag's "Asian Life Sciences"

David Foster's "Stranger than Fiction"

Giulio Prisco's self-named blog

Leonard Reil's "Ramblings of an Ignorant Sage"

Lincoln Cannon's self-named blog

Mark Swint's "Science and Religion"

Michael Ferguson's "Positive Neuro"

Roger Hansen's "Tired Road Warrior"

If you are a member of the association and would like your blog to be included in the aggregation, please contact Enjoy!


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