Association Financial Summary

As of the end of May, 2012, the MTA has $5,410 total cash on hand with $706 in the endowment.

Our 2012 conference cost the association $3,144 beyond the participant registration fees of $440. The majority of the conference expenses went to travel reimbursement for voting members of the association for whom the association paid half of personal travel expenses. In total, the association reimbursed members $2,295 for travel to the conference.

The full report can be found at

Karl Hale

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Conference 2012 summary posted to YouTube

This slick seven minute summary of the Association's April conference was posted on 19 May 2012. Complete with background music and professional transitions, the video captures the spirit of the conference and speaker highlights!

Video Caption:

"The 2012 conference of the Mormon Transhumanist Association was held on 6 April 2012 at the Salt Lake City Public Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. Speakers addressed the themes of Mormonism, Transhumanism and Transfigurism, with particular attention to topics at the intersection of technology, spirituality, science and religion. The conference streamed live for online viewers, and recordings are now available on the Mormon Transhumanist Association channel on YouTube ( Please post comments and questions, and share these recordings with your friends and family. Thank you!"

Best Paper Award from April's Conference

We had a wonderful conference this year, and all the conference presentations are available online. There were many excellent presentations and papers. We have chosen to extend a best paper award to the top 1/3rd of the papers submitted to the conference, (the top 6 papers), with an invitation for them to have their papers included in a published conference proceedings. Each paper was ranked by three (and in some cases four) reviewers. No reviewer reviewed their own paper.The decision was not just made based upon the quality of the oral conference presentation, but also upon the suitability of each talk for printed publication (the best talks are not always the best papers and visa versa). 

This award goes to, in alphabetical order:

Chris Bradford on “Bodies Without End: Embodiment in a Substrate-Independent World” 
Brad Carmack on “Mormonism Beyond the Gender Binary” 
James Carroll on “Epiphenomenalism, the Problem with Property Dualism”
Marcus Flinders on “Taxation in a Millennial World”
Karl Hale on “Worshiping an Extra-Terrestrial Humanoid Deity”
Micah Redding on “Transhumanism and the Christian Story”

The authors of these papers will have the opportunity to have their papers published in a "proceedings" if they so choose. This proceedings will be available online, and (perhaps) also in print form. This final proceedings should be considered a peer reviewed publication. The inclusion of their papers in the proceedings is conditional upon their acceptance, and their working with our editors to get the papers up to publishable standards, complete with a uniform format, and with sufficient citations etc. If some authors aren't interested, we will extend an additional invitation to one of the runners up.

Several very excellent papers were not considered for this award or for publication in the proceedings, because the authors have expressed a desire to extend these papers, and publish them in a journal format elsewhere. In some cases these papers were very good, and otherwise might have been chosen. We would like to extend each of these authors a special invitation to consider submitting these papers to be included in the first edition of the new MTA sponsored Journal. Whether they choose our journal to submit their excellent papers to, we wish them all the best in finding an appropriate venue for their excellent work.

Thanks again to all who participated,

James L. Carroll
Proceedings Editor

Leadership Title Changes

The Association Board has approved the following title changes for leaders.

Brad Carmack
Chief Operations Officer

Carl Youngblood
Chief Information Officer

Karl Hale
Chief Financial Officer

Lincoln Cannon
Chief Executive Officer

Marcus Flinders
Chief Legal Officer

The board of director titles will remain unchanged, as specified in the constitution:

Brad Carmack
Director and Secretary

Bryant Smith

Chris Bradford
Director and Vice President

David Foster
Dorothy Deasy

James Carroll

Karl Hale

Lincoln Cannon
Director and President

Michael Ferguson

Nathan Hadfield


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