2013 Conference Proceedings Published

The conference proceedings from the Association's 2013 annual conference are now available on Scribd! When you visit the collection, you can read and share:

Purpose of the Mormon Transhumanist Association
Lincoln Cannon delivers the Purpose of the Mormon Transhumanist Association.

Demythologizing Mormonism
Carl Youngblood shows how to move away from apologetics and debates over historicity to the richer fields of symbol, metaphor and narrative.

(De)Construction down the Rabbit Hole
The erudite Jared Anderson dreams of religion so good it does not need to be true.

From Humanity to Fullness the Mormon Way
Richard Bushman commends the transhumanists in this organization for asking where science and engineering will lead us in another two hundred years.

Christian Critique of Religious Transhumanism
Carl Teichrib delivers a critique of religious transhumanism from a mainstream Christian perspective.

Joseph Smith and Technologies of Seership
Don Bradley shows how Joseph Smith the transhumanist received revelation via advanced technology.

An Atheist Transhumanist Critique of Religious Transhumanism
Peter Wicks argues that religious transhumanists have a special responsibility to question their beliefs.


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