Ben Blair to serve as Chief Special Projects Officer

The Mormon Transhumanist Association is pleased to announce Ben Blair has been selected to serve as Chief Special Projects Officer by Blaire Ostler, CEO of the Association. He was unanimously approved by the board of directors under the direction of Christopher Bradford, President of the Association.

Blaire Ostler has said, “I have complete confidence in Ben’s ability to head up our Special Projects Division. I am eager to see Ben’s extensive qualifications and expertise in action. His talents and abilities are a great asset to the Association and we’re glad to have him on board!”

The Association congratulates Ben, and thanks him for his willingness to contribute his time and talents to the success of the Association. Below is additional information about him. 

Ben is a co-founder of Teachur. He holds MA and PhD degrees in Philosophy and Education from Teachers College, Columbia University, and has spent several years teaching courses in foundations of education at the college and graduate level. He spent much of the last 20 years evaluating, developing, and aligning curriculum across a range of disciplines, including five years as Director of specialized curriculum with, a leading provider of online education. Ben resides in Oakland, CA with his wife and 6 kids.


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